Your Attendance: Week 11 topic will be to interview a family member about your particular familys intergenerational social mobility. You

Your “Attendance: Week 11” topic will be to interview a family member about your particular family’s intergenerational social mobility. You can ask them about the types of jobs in the family back to your great-grandparents, if it is known.
If for some reason, you cannot complete an interview with a family member, then you can interview someone else about their experiences of social class. Then, you will write me two paragraphs summarizing what you learned and tying it in to intergenerational social mobility.
What is privilege? Did any of your family members experience privilege or disadvantage related to any systems of stratification in this unit (e.g., social class, gender, race)? How do their experiences relate to your own life chances, meaning access to the good things in life?
I will be the only one to see this. Your classmates will not.
Grading: You will be graded on the completion of an interview with a family member or other person, the summary of the interview, the connection of this information to your own life chances, assignment length, and grammar.
This is due by Tuesday, November 3rd at 11:59 pm. I know that many of you will be watching the election coverage. I’d recommend getting your work done before Tuesday but I’m willing to accept your work through Thursday, 11/5. The work will be marked as late, but I won’t take points off.
Edit: Added these last two bullets: When I asked you to interview someone, I was thinking that itd either be with someone in your household already or a audio/video chat. I dont want anyone to risk getting or giving COVID-19. Please, do not go meet with someone you arent already around.
If for some reason you are unable to conduct the interview, you can just write up what you already know about your family or even pick a fictional family.

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