You have been asked to design a LAN for a


You have been asked to design a LAN for a very successful CPA firm with five departments in one building and a total of 560 employees. Currently, the firm has no networked computers, and it is open to any suggestions you can offer. The firm does have a few requirements:

  • It wants to make sure that it can easily expand its LAN in the future without exorbitant costs and moving a lot of equipment.
  • Every department must have very fast access to the LAN.
  • The LAN must remain up at all times.
  • Must use the Windows operating system.

Determine what kind of LAN your team will design for this company.

Deliverable Instructions:

  • Create a 1 page executive summary to summarize your design, followed by a 4 to 5 page paper with diagrams about the detailed network design.
  • Put these in one Word document in APA format.


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