Week 1 Short Essays Question I Eddie Embezzler has worked for Betty Boss for many years as an accountant. During

Week 1 – Short Essays
Question I- Eddie Embezzler has worked for Betty Boss for many years as an accountant. During his employment, Eddie has taken thousands of dollars from Betty’s business. As a result, Betty has suffered. Did Eddie violate a criminal law, a civil law, or both? Explain.
Question II – Two (2) high ranking managers of Anrun Corp. know that the company’s revenue is rapidly declining. However, at a recent shareholder meeting, they tell the shareholders to expect record profits in the next quarter. Explain the three Blanchard and Peale questions that these two managers should have asked themselves before the shareholders’ meeting.
Question III – The appellate court decides that the trial court committed reversible error by including evidence found by law enforcement.
Law enforcement discovered this evidence when committing a Fourth Amendment violation, which should have been excluded at trial.
This inadmissible evidence was the lynchpin of the prosecutor’s case, which resulted in a conviction.
Where does the case go from here? Is the Defendant free to go? Does it go back to the trial court? Does it go all the way up to the Supreme Court?
Questions IV – During the course of a divorce proceeding, the judge orders the husband and wife attempt to settle their custody dispute through the mediation process.
During the course of the mediation, the husband tells the mediator that he has secretly been selling marijuana to their children’s friends.
Ultimately, the mediation breaks down and the parties cannot come to a settlement.
During the divorce trial, can the wife introduce the mediator’s testimony as evidence?

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