Two discussions. need 200 words Initial Post for each discussion and two replies.send asap Module 10 Discussion

Two discussions. need 200 words Initial Post for each discussion and two replies.
send asap

Module 10 Discussion
Review Hill’s Nine Criteria of Causation presented in the web document Association or Causation:
Evaluating Links Between Environment and Disease (the nine criteria are also presented in
this modules lecture slides and
on pages 230-231 of the recommended course
Work with your assigned group to come up with one commonly discussed exposure-disease association to assess for evidence of causality. Your chosen association does not necessarily have to be one with an exposure-disease relationship that is widely accepted as causal. In fact, it may be more interesting to consider an association that is often debated, like the MMR vaccine and autism or the prevalence of fast food restaurants and diabetes.
In the interest of time,
the first group member
to make a post has the option of choosing a topic area for the group to concentrate on.
With your group, discuss how Hill’s nine criteria apply to your chosen exposure-disease association. Consider whether you believe the current body of knowledge regarding the association is sufficient to fulfill each condition.
Module 12 Discussion
Discuss the health effects of lead exposure upon children. What are the potential sources of lead exposure for children and what specific measures can parents residing in the United States practice to prevent or reduce these exposures?

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