this assignment is due in 7 hours and there is

this assignment is due in 7 hours and there is no extended time 

This is based on Child Education in US

Do the following and answer the 4 questions below. 3/4 page with thorough answers

 It’s important to think critically about how gender plays a role in the way we produce and consume stories, images, words, and characters. This will help us gain a better understanding of the world around us, help us decide whether we think certain representations promote the types of values we believe in, and help us come up with ideas for how we might work to change things for the better.

As you look through the media in this Module and in the readings, use them along with this overview as building blocks and avenues to dig deeper into this facet of identity and ask questions. Please answer these prompts:

  • How are masculinity and femininity represented in the media?
  • What specific images and words contribute to our understanding of what masculinity and femininity mean?
  • Does the media make assumptions about what men/boys like and how they (should) behave? Are there similar assumptions made about women/girls?
  • What impact do such media representations have to children as the grow and develop?

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