PART3 ONLY Complete Plan of Care on your client (20



Complete Plan of Care on your client (20 points) 

In this third and final submission of your Course Project, you will be completing a comprehensive care plan. Include safety needs, special considerations regarding personal needs, cultural/spiritual implications, and needed health restoration, maintenance, and promotion.

This written assignment should include the following:

· Your Nursing diagnoses from Part 2

· One short term goal and one long term goal per NDx

· Four Nursing interventions per NDx . .

· Prioritization per Maslow with an explanation and an expected evaluation. Make sure to include a teaching plan in your care plan. Upload the table below into your paper. Reflect on the following in your paper: Which of your nursing diagnoses are priority using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs? If you were to implement this plan of care, would you expect any of your short-term expected outcomes met during your shift? Explain. How might you revise your care plan next time to achieve at least one outcome during your shift? 



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