Net-Work Docs is a start-up company founded to help business


Net-Work Docs is a start-up company founded to help business clients create and manage their documents electronically. Its founders, Nina Jones and Matt Smith are planning to launch Net-Work Docs as a global company, serving multigenerational clients in any country. They assume businesses around the world need to document policies and procedures, and the software and support will be easy to distribute online, specifically to the tech savvy Millennial generation and Z generation.

Potential investors; however, have questioned whether a company can operate globally before it has built a local reputation for good service. The founders believe that by setting up an English-language website, they will start by serving English-speaking clients whose culture will not be much different from theirs. 

Please answer the following scenarios/prompts:

●  How are the founder’s balancing pressures for global integration and local responsiveness?

●  Is their global strategy likely to succeed? Why? Why not?

●  If you were the owner of Net-Work Docs, what would you have done differently in this situation?


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