Identify the policy issue your group has been assigned Issue is stated in the title. Then: 1 define 2 briefly

Identify the policy issue your group has been assigned (Issue is stated in the title). Then:
1) define;
2) briefly explain;
3) draw on two key concepts from the Houlihan reading AND/OR Hayhurst lecture from this week, and explain how these concepts may help you to make sense of your policy issue.
You can use more than two concepts if youd like. You can also select other concepts that are not in this list, as long as they are used in the Houlihan reading/Hayhurst lecture.
Examples of possible concepts:
– public policy
– policy-making
– comparative policy analysis
– policy entrepreneur
– policy broker
– policy-oriented learning
– policy discourse
– meso-level
– advocacy coalition framework
– demand groups (e.g, consumers of policy outputs – such as facility users, clubs, etc.)
– provider groups (e.g., deliverers of services -such as PE teachers, etc.).
– direct groups (e.g.,those groups upon which organizations depend for systems support – such as
national governing bodies of sport, etc.).
– indirect groups (e.g., related to local authority services – community development, etc.).

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