I need to do CIPD assignment, 5CO01 Organizational performance and

I need to do CIPD assignment,  5CO01 Organizational performance and culture in practice, which includes 7 questions as follow: 

– An evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of two different types of organizational structures in different types of organizations, the range of products, services and customers associated with each, and how they link to organizational purpose

–  An analysis of the way in which organizational strategy should be linked to products, services, customers and revenue  

–  An analysis of the current and ongoing impact on organizations of the range of external factors and trends. 

–  An assessment of two current issues and causes that identify key priorities within organizations that will affect product/service delivery  

–  Discuss key themes that currently shape the work area of people practice and how these impact on the provision of people solutions  

–  An explanation of the ways in which people practices can impact on organisational systems and structures, and therefore affect the effective employment, management and development of people ( 

–  An exploration of the impact that technology has on people, work and working practices, and the current and emerging scale of the use of technology within organizations. 

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