I NEED RESPONSE TO THIS ASSIGNMENT 2 REFERENCES presentation on an adolescent who is anxious depressed and


presentation on an adolescent who is anxious, depressed and withdrawn and also has problems with coping with online learning. I agree with your approach and I would like to add that cognitive therapy can be added. Treatment approaches for adolescent depression include cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy, and family system approaches (Sander & McCarty, 2005). There are two specific types of family systems approaches that have specifically been evaluated with depressed adolescents. One is systemic-behavioral family therapy (SBFT), and the other is the attachment-based family therapy (Sander & McCarty, 2005). SBFT includes skill-building in communication, incorporating reinforcement, and distinct aspects of cognitive restructuring (Sander & McCarty, 2005). Attachment-based family therapy incorporates family systems and attachment theory in a manualized treatment for depression in youth, based on the premise that a “negative family environment” inhibits children from developing the internal and interpersonal coping skills needed to buffer against the family, social, and community stressors that can cause or exacerbate depression (Sander & McCarty, 2005).
Sander, J. B., & McCarty, C. A. (2005). Youth depression in the family context: familial
risk factors and models of treatment. Clinical child and family psychology review, 8(3), 203–219.
Thapar, A., Collishaw, S., Pine, D. S., & Thapar, A. K. (2012). Depression in adolescence.
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