Watch this youtube and answer these questions 300 words Video case study This week our case study will
Watch this youtube and answer these questions?
300 words
Video case study
This week, our case study will come from the Netflix movie Trial of the Chicago 7.
As public administrators, we are to be cognizant of and provide an atmosphere of equity.
This can be difficult when, as administrators, we become the referees between hostile groups or ideologies and where we have to put our own personal feelings aside.
This was never more evident than the clashes that occurred this last summer between law enforcement and Black Lives Matter groups.
We should love the fact that American democracy is messy and that all are entitled to a voice and to request redress from grievances.
I want you to constantly keep this perspective in your mind as you move forward as government or public officials.
This is your world, and our success will be in large measure determined by how we take care of those who feel most disenfranchised or even those who some would consider the least deserving of our attention.
The script didnt change to mirror the times.
The times changed to mirror the script. -Aaron Sorkin-
1. Watch the movie Trial of the Chicago 7.
If you do not have a Netflix account or dont have access to using one, then let me know, and I will have you do some personal research and writing on this event.
Please let me know by Tuesday, October 27, if this is the case; otherwise, I will assume you will watch the movie.
2. You should complete watching this show by October 26-November 1.
3. The week of November 2-8, you will have a discussion within your groups on what you learned.
4. I would suggest you take notes of what you consider to be important and significant items related to our overall theme.
5. In particular, pay attention to the roles that each of the following groups were playing.
1. The court
2. The federal government
3. Defendants Abbie Hoffman, Tom Hayden, Bobbie Searle
4. The Black Panthers
5. The defense attornies
6. Be prepared to argue each of these individual points of view.
7. Where did they show strength in their cause, and where did they show weakness?
8. Can you see areas in which compromise could have been reached but wasnt?
9. I will have other questions for you when you begin your group discussion.
10. Please let me know if you have any questions and have some fun with this.

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