History Paper Submit a historical narrative of at least a 1000words on the same subject one from the

History Paper
Submit a historical narrative of at least a 1000-words on the same subject, one
from the ancient world and one from the medieval world, that demonstrates historical thinking, rational communication, and an accepted research style to avoid plagiarism.
Tell a story with academic resources by using correct grammar and spelling, especially past tense and active voice.
Utilize a research style (MLA, APA, Chicago) with parenthetical notes (no footnotes/endnotes).
Include both Title and Bibliography page.
Research from Perry’s Western Civilization and at least one other source from BU Library.
Introduce your a thesis, describe your subject, analyze your research with the “5 Cs of History”, and draw a conclusion.
Avoid plagiarism (see BU Standards of Plagiarism; BU Student Guide to Avoid Plagiarism).
Getting Started (page numbers from Perry’s Western Civilization)
Choose a topic from the Index in Perry’s Western Civilization
{Slavery (I-26)}
Groups (Index pages for Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt,
Hebrews, Ancient Greece, Roman Republic; Roman Empire, Medieval Civilization; Christianity/Jews/Islam,
Using these time settings, find a comparative subject that is similar in structure, approach, or application.
Ancient (2-121)
Medieval (122-176)
For the other source(s), find a digital resource in the BU Library (Use these databases – Britannic Academic, Credo Reference, Oxford, World History Gale, and also eBooks).
Using your resources, create a proposal for your History Paper: What will I do to tell the story of my subject in my paper?
Sample Paper Outline
Create the Title Page (Title, Name, HIS 225, Research Style, Date).
Introduce topic and subject (include stating your thesis).
Describe the Ancient source within its historical setting (use your resources).
Describe the Medieval source within its historical setting (use your resources).
Analyze your results with the “5 Cs of History”.
Change: What was similar or different from ancient to medieval? How?
Context: Did the context play a role in the two examples? What was the role?
Causation: What do you think caused the change to happen?
What effect did it have?
Contingency: Did any person or group play a major role in the change? Who? How?
What other forces supported the change in the subject? How? Why?
Conclude by restating your thesis. Did you support your thesis? Why or Why not?
Create the Bibliography Page (Alphabetic order and in a Research Style).

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