Group Paper II: Operations Purpose. A written paper is an important opportunity for students to demonstrate an understanding of theory

Group Paper II: Operations
Purpose. A written paper is an important opportunity for students to demonstrate an understanding of theory, concepts, and practices. More importantly, it allows students to further develop written and numerical communication skills. Therefore, success in this course depends on the preparedness and active engagement of every student.
Task. First, (A) create a Personal Cash Flow Statement of your monthly budget referencing Figure 17.7 (Sample Harvest Gold Statement of Cash Flows; page 447) in your text as an example. Select any month you prefer. Use the same time period for the Start-up Cash Flow Statement. Next, apply the same steps to (B) create a Start-up Cash Flow Statement for your entrepreneurial business. This means you may use the information from a real start-up if you currently own one. If you do not have a start-up then create a hypothetical start-up; a business that you have always wanted to start. Refer to PowerPoint Presentation D under the Files link and chapter 17, section 3 for guidance. Both Cash Flow Statements (pages 1 and 2 of this assignment) are not narratives; that is, they are draw tables with numbers and headings, they are not essays. Once the statements are complete, now (C) write a one-page essay on the importance of finance and technology on your start-up’s operation. Refer to PowerPoint Presentation B in this week’s module for guidance.
Suggested outline:
Page 1 (A): Your Personal Cash Flow Statement
Page 2 (B): Your Start-up Cash Flow Statement
Page 3 (C): The importance of finance and technology on the start-up’s operation
Criteria. Each paper must be an original work that integrates analytical and critical thinking skills using content from the course, industry, and other sources (see Table 6). Constructing the paper involves techniques such as gathering information, typing, analyzing, critically-thinking, citing resources using APA style, and formatting. Each paper should adhere to the following requirements:
Development of the paper:
Analyze a topic;
Develop a systematic inventory of resources that explain the topic to explore (analyze);
Formulate problem solutions, using resources, to support the analysis;
Gather additional information and conduct further analyses surrounding the problem;
Design the final solution;
Synthesize, discuss, and evaluate the solution; then
Write the paper.
Implement 10 point, Times New Roman font, 1.25 inches borders, 1.5 spacing, and no added space both before and after each paragraph;
Cite [in-text and at the end of the document] at least three sources following APA format (properly cite
(????????)to create the end-of-paper “references cited / bibliography / works cited” section;
Written elements, such as selection of descriptives/visual, choice of data tables, and figures shall not influence the total number of pages (fluency with excel to compliment other descriptive visuals in the project begins with Microsoft Excel training
(????????)and Excel Basics
Aim the content at an industry executive; for instance, the regional general manager of a national luxury lodging corporation, the food and beverage director for a global restaurant chain, the director of human resources for a cruise line brand, or the chief financial officer of regional event planning company; and
Each student shall check for flow, grammar, and goal achievement.

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