Discussion Board Post Instructions: Watch the linked video and read the attached article. ARTICLE:https:www.npr.orgsectionsgoatsandsoda20170515528461093slumdwellersinafricasbiggestmegacityarenowlivingincanoesLinks to an external site.Links to an

Discussion Board Post Instructions:
Watch the linked video and read the attached article.
(Links to an external site.)
(Links to an external site.)
(Links to an external site.)
(Links to an external site.)
ARTICLE: https://qz.com/africa/1722706/how-lagos-became-africas-largest-megacity/
(Links to an external site.)
(Links to an external site.)
WEBSITE: https://www.arcgis.com/apps/MapJournal/index.html?appid=ebba671c1e2b42fd9c5be8c02e80fcf4
(Links to an external site.)
ARTICLE: download Slums Aren’t Harbingers of Anarchy
Your initial posting should address all the questions in the prompt in a minimum of 500 words. Read your peers’ postings and leave at least two well-thought responses in a minimum of 75 words.
– Initial Posts must be at least 500 words long and must address the discussion prompt.
(You must submit 1 Initial Post by 11:59pm on the due date.
– Response Posts must EACH be at least 75 words long and must respond to another group members thoughts.
(You must submit at least 2 Response Posts by 11:59pm on the date the assignment closes.)
– To receive full credit your response must include in-text citations to make note of facts and opinions you quote, paraphrase, and barrow ideas from.
– To receive full credit, you must include a bibliography of works cited at the end of your post. For in-text citations and bibliography use the APA style.
– If you do not include a bibliography or in-text citations it will result in a deduction of 2 points.
You can use citation generating websites like https://www.citethisforme.com/apa-7th-edition
(Links to an external site.) to avoid mistakes.
Discussion Board Post:
Part 1:
In your post answer the following questions.
Identify and describe the planning issue. (up to 6 pts)
What are the social, environmental, and economic implications of rapid urbanization? (up to 6 pts)
As Lagos and other sub-Saharan cities in Africa rapidly grow, should planners make new spaces for the most vulnerable populations? Why or why not? (up to 8 pts)
Use a case study of a city not mentioned in the articles/videos to support your arguments (up to 6 pts).
Use reliable external articles, videos, and data to support your arguments and properly cite your sources in APA format (up to 4 pts).
Use of photos, maps, external links (e.g., news articles), etc. is encouraged.
Part 2:
You must reply to others posts to show your agreement/disagreement with their ideas with a strong argument based on a thorough research of your own. A high-quality response will identify areas of agreement and/or disagreement. Eexplain why you agree or disagree, provide evidence or proof to support your reasoning.
2 or more well thought out replies. (up to 5 pts)
All provided material must be cited bibliographically. Failure to properly cite all documents bibliographically, and in-text when appropriate, will result in an automatic deduction of 3 points.

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