DIRECTIONS: Attempt only two questions. Question 1 Section A is compulsory. Choose one more question from Section B. Keep your

*Attempt only two questions.
*Question # 1, Section A, is compulsory.
*Choose one more question from Section B.
*Keep your answers clear, concise and analytical.
*Address your responses to the specific demands of each question.
*Limit your answers to 4 (double-spaced, 12-pitch font) pages per question.
*Illustrate your answers with pertinent references, and cite key sources consulted.
*No haphazard submission of papers or excuses for late papers would be accepted.
*Your answer script must include the questions chosen, your name, and be submitted in PDF
1) With necessary attention to their intricate strands, social and dynamic networks, discuss the importance of a composite scholarly framework for the analysis of African popular culture.
2) Analyze African popular music as a convergence of genres, immersed in experimentations, negotiations and transformations that crisscross histories, cultures, creativity and commerce.
3) With respect to critical debates around them, carefully explore the significance of identity, lifestyle, cultural formations and worldliness amongst the Sapeurs and Skothane (Izikothane).
4) Examine, with requisite subtleties, how contemporary African fashion, through fabrics, cultures, heritage, styles, aesthetics, and creativity, contests ideas of fashion and ‘Africanness’.
5) Identify and analyze the cultural, social, institutional, and political debates fundamental to understanding the challenges and subcultures of sexual minorities in African popular culture.

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