Develop a concept for a new innovation, which should be consumer-facing


Prospective employers expect graduates to be able to understand the complexities of digital business models. This unit develops your knowledge and understanding of how consumers operate on digital platforms and they use digital technologies and devices to interact with fashion brands and purchase fashion products. The unit will examine the associated managerial implications of technology and innovation. ASSESSMENT AND PROJECT BRIEF Summative Assessment Individual Presentation (10 minutes including Q&A) You are required to create a 10-minute video presentation on a new consumer-facing innovation concept proficient enough to be further developed and implemented by businesses operating within the wider fashion industry. Your presentation can take the form of a narrated PowerPoint, an animation, or short film, saved as a video and uploaded to Vimeo. Please note that video must have a narrative (video commentary or embedded voice-over) voiced by you. You will investigate and develop a concept for a new innovation, which should be consumer-facing. You should be able to reference key elements that have been taught during the unit and address the following areas:

 The innovation concept (introduce and explain the proposed customer-facing innovation)  What current business issue (or barrier) the innovation is targeted to solve  What the innovation aims to achieve and what the potential benefits are for businesses  Who the innovation is targeted at 2  The benefits to the consumer  The barriers to acceptance  The roadmap for implementation You will need to illustrate how you have applied the theory learned to create a new idea, proficient enough to be taken to industry. You will upload your final work onto Vimeo (as a password-protected video) and then submit the URL (hyperlinked) including the password onto Moodle via Turnitin (Feedback Studio) using the supplied submission form. This submission form acts as the cover page of your Appendix document. The Appendix must include the following:  An annotated bibliography on 5 key sources used to inform the development of your presentation and its contents.  Full evidence of any secondary and/or primary research conducted for the development of your concept.  The transcript from your peer-to-peer Q&A  You may also add evidence of any testing of your concept and any additional, further illustration of your concept development journey.

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