Create For this project imagine you are the event manager for an outdoor music festival. You will first need to

For this project, imagine you are the event manager for an outdoor music festival. You will first need to read the attached documents from the download section.These are examples of the sorts of government forms and legal documents you would encounter as an event manager.
Read the Outdoor Festival Scenario document for a brief overview of the event. Review the Outdoor Festival Permit Application for the requirements to obtain permits to hold the concert. Finally, review the Artist Contract for a list of requirements from the headlining artist.
After reviewing the documents, create a Word document (at least 4 double-spaced pages), and answer each of the following questions:
Analyze the artist contract, technical rider, and hospitality rider provided in the Artist Contract document, and answer the following:
• What are the payment terms for the headlining artist?
• Identify some of the equipment necessary for the event.
Analyze the Outdoor Festival Permit Application documents, and answer the following:
• Explain the ways in which you think the permit requirements will affect your event plan.
• Will complying with the city requirements add significant costs to your budget? Explain why or why not.
• What specific documents does “City ABC” require when applying to hold an outdoor event? What tasks would need to be completed to comply with these requirements?
• In what specific ways will the Americans with Disabilities Act impact your plan?
• Explain how the number of anticipated attendees impacts the Emergency Services Plan and the Restroom Plan.
• Identify potential risks associated with this event. What solutions could mitigate those risks? What could you do in advance to limit your liability?
In a few paragraphs, explain what you’ve learned about the following:
• The effect of local, state, and federal regulations on an event plan.
• The purpose of risk management.
• The function contracts serve in event management.
Save your Event Overview as a Word document.
Name your document as follows: LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_EventOverview

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