Conducting User Survey & Final Project Part 1: Conducting User


Conducting User Survey & Final Project

Part 1: Conducting User Survey

User surveys are conducted to assess the usability of a product.

In this assignment, you will take up the role of a consultant for a digital camera manufacturer. Your organization has decided to launch a new digital camera by the year’s end. The organization wants you to create questions for conducting a user survey and collect the user requirements or needs among all age groups. Your questions should be such that they capture the user needs and perceptions.

Research the Internet to find information on sample surveys. You can also refer to for more information on surveys. Create a three- to five-page survey form in Microsoft Word that includes the following

  • Title of the survey
  • Introduction of the survey being conducted
  • Minimum 10 questions to help you obtain data on user needs 
  • Scale for the users to rate the questions
  • Conclusions

Part 2: The Development Phase (non-graded)

After creating the blueprint of the new Web interface, this week you will start the actual development on the Web interface. You can use any technology or authoring tool you are proficient in to develop the Web interface.

This week, you will submit a draft of the two deliverables. You will first submit the draft of the new Web interface and then you will create a paper in a Word document of approximately two to three pages that includes:

  • Introduction to the new Web interface
  • Features modified or added
  • Instructions to use the new Web interface


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