Citations and Annotations Overview of the next steps in your final project review assignments on canvas Discussion: Why are historians

Citations and Annotations
Overview of the next steps in your final project (review assignments on canvas)
Discussion: Why are historians so obsessive about citation?
Review sample annotations together.
a close read of Grego, “Black Autonomy.”
Create a
doc and.
Then, follow the next steps.
Collaboratively, identify the key metadata for the article:
where was it published, when was it published, who is the author.
(Googling is appropriate here)
Collaboratively, identify key terms (including analytical/interpretive categories)
Collaboratively, identify the article’s boundaries (in topic, in chronology, in geography).
Collaboratively develop a reverse outline of the article.
(the Journal of Southern History
does not allow headings, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t structure.
Identify the introduction, key transitions in topics, etc.)
Identify the kinds of primary sources the author used. What are their strengths and limitations as sources?
Can you imagine other sources they might have used?
Other ways they might have approached the sources?
What is the author’s main argument?
Collaboratively, develop a revised Booth formulation for the article as Grego.
I am studying _________ (topic)
because I want to find out why/how________ (question)
in order to better understand__________ (broader significance).
5. Prepare an entry for an annotated bibliography based on the Grego article.
The citation should be in Chicago Manual Bibliographic Form and the annotation should be 5-6 sentences long.

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