FARMHISPANIA GROUP, is a pharmaceutical company specialized in the manufacture and sale of Active Principal Ingredients (APIs) for the pharmaceutical industry. They a huge list of products, and for some of them -for example, Metformin HCI, one of the most popular Type II antidiabetic drug-, they are leaders in market worldwide.

In 2020 fiscal year, the P&L reflected incomes for 80M€ (15% increase from FY2019), and EBITDA of 17M€ (22% higher than FY2019), and a Net Profit of 14M€ (18% higher than FY2019). Actually, the company has 450 employees (with an average age of 47.4 years), located in two facilities in Spain, one near to Barcelona (Montmeló), and one in Zaragoza.

The company is generating the Strategical Plan for the next five years, 2022-2025, and during the analysis of the current situation, the company has realized that their IT legacy systems are limiting the growth of the business and possible expansions in new markets or products, either by organic growth or through some business acquisition.

Therefore, they need to identify and develop the strategies needed to achieve one of the key goals: Digital Transformation of the Company.

Nowadays, the only system that Company has implemented is ERP (Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, formerly known as Navision), and the associated Database Management System (Microsoft SQL Server). These systems are installed in company’s own servers, located in the company’s facilities in Montmeló.

At the end of the document, you can find a list of competitors -for an API called Enalapril maleate-, and also Financial Statements (Balance sheet and P&L) for the period 2018-2020.

You need to analyse the situation of FARMHISPANIA and propose, with an integral point of view, the strategies you consider appropriate to execute the Digital Transformation of the Business. Your proposal must include all dimensions and aspects of a digital business, in a justified way.

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