Assignment 2 All-Music has decided that the business model they

Assignment 2
All-Music has decided that the business model they adopted previously would not be sustainable in the long term. They have concluded that managing a growing amount of user generated content on their website would be very complicated with their small team. All-Music’s new business will be a reviewing site that will publish online reviews of music, movies, and video games. All-Music has already hired a small staff of internal writers to manage and publish content and will occasionally hire guest writers to contribute and post reviews on their website. Your task as a Web Developer is to configure and set-up the WordPress CMS environment that All-Music will be using. The website will be renamed to, you will develop it locally and you will be given sample content to fill up the pages you create, but it is up to you to decide the best way to structure and style the website.
Below are the main requirements;
• A home page with a top/side navigation bar linking to all other pages of the site
• The following pages should be accessible site wide: home, contact us, movie reviews, music reviews, video game reviews
• Each review should include a star rating at the end (e.g. 1-5 stars)
• Each review should have a picture (provided) with a click-able link that opens in a new tab
• Sensible tagging of categories on pages
• Install and enable an SEO plug-in that supports metadata and keywords (add tags to pages accordingly)
• Install and enable your choice of a free security plug-in
• Minimum 5 users with various roles and permissions (at least 1 admin with full permissions and 1 with limited permissions)
• Create either a guest login account or allow a guest to register an account with post only privileges
• Chose/install a free theme and adjust its default styling settings (you must maintain a consistent site wide styling)
• Post a review with the guest or registered user
• A search bar accessible site wide Other requirements
• Please add in line-comments to any HTML, JavaScript, PHP or CSS files you have manually edited Deliverables
Your work will be assessed according to how well you have met or attempted to meet the above requirements. Try and focus on the usability and functionality of the website before visual design.
You will need to submit the following:
1. A site map/diagram detailing how you decided to organize your pages (PDF or JPEG)
2. The full contents of your WordPress site including your MYSQL database (see Exporting WordPress database and files (Guide) for instructions)
3. A PDF document with user names and passwords
*Please download the file and unzip its contents (Assignment 2 Toggle). You can use the text and images in the documents to populate your website with content.

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