Assessment Description In order to prepare to teach students with


Assessment Description

In order to prepare to teach students with different developmental needs, teachers must be able to recognize typical and atypical development. Teachers must then use that knowledge to develop instructional and assessment plans that support the unique needs of students.

Using the “Development and Classroom Learning Plan and Class Profile,” select one student from the class profile. Based on the information in the profile, create a 500-750 word plan for the selected student that other teachers, aides, staff, and administrators could use when working with the student.

Include the following in the student’s plan:

  1. An overview of the behaviors, patterns, and learning needs of the student based on his or her class profile, including any associated disability or disabilities.
  2. A list of three or more standards-based instructional unit topics that can be used to support the student’s learning and growth (e.g., for first grade, a unit topic might be reading comprehension of fairy tales or counting odd or even numbers).
  3. A description of one instructional strategy and one assessment used to appropriately teach students and track student learning with each instructional unit, which may include accommodations or assistive technologies.
  4. Description of at least three strategies to support the selected student’s learning and growth. Consider any physical, psychiatric, and neurological disabilities.
  5. Select one developmentally appropriate book, including authors’ name, to read with the student for each instructional unit listed above.

Support your findings with a minimum of three scholarly resources.

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