ARK Encounter 7th & 8th grade – mathematically You have


ARK Encounter 7th & 8th grade – mathematically

You have been tasked with finding the cost of replacing all the exterior

boards on the ark and waterproofing the outside of it. The replacement

boards will be sixteen feet long and ten inches wide. The boards will have

no spacing between them. The boards will be attached using nails. Each

board will have three nails on each end and two nails every twenty-four

inches. After the boards are attached, the entire exterior of the ark will be

sealed with waterproofing. For computing purposes, consider the shape of

the ark as a rectangular prism. You will be replacing boards on five of the

six sides of the rectangular prism. The dimensions of the ark are according

to Genesis 6:15 300 cubits by 50 cubits by 30 cubits (450 feet long by 75

feet wide by 45 feet tall.) Prices are listed in the table below.





10 inches x16 feet

Covers 60 square feet

per bucket


$75 per board

$44 per bucket

Be sure to show:

1. all your work

2. Total number of boards with final cost of wood

3. Total number of buckets of waterproofing and cost of waterproofing

4. Total cost for the whole project.

5. High school basketball courts are 84 feet long by 50 feet wide. If we

were able to lay out flat all the sides and the bottom of the ark, how

many basketball courts would it take to cover it? Round your answer to the nearest hundred if needed. 


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