1. Which of the three grand sociological theories Conflict Structural Functionalism or Symbolic Interaction is an origin of postmodern theory

1. Which of the three grand sociological theories, Conflict, Structural Functionalism, or Symbolic Interaction is an origin of post-modern theory (see this weeks lecture slides)
2. Do the recent protests that swept the U.S. and occurred in other societies fit any or all of the characteristics of Chaos Theory? Please explain.
3. Which of the three post-modern theories tying the individual (micro level) to society (macro level) presented in this weeks lecture most resonates as applicable to you and your experience? Please explain.
4. Prognostication (telling the future) can be a foolish exercise. However, given the unpredictability of the last few years having some sense of what society will look like in the near future can provide a sense of control of events that we have temporarily lost. David Leonhardt based his predictions on interviews with a number of experts across important social institutions that provide structure and stability to society, Which of his predictions surprised you the most? Which did you think was a safe prediction post Pandemic?
5. Wich one of the David Leonhardts
post-pandemic predictions suggestions that Ritzers theory of McDonalidization of Society may have future

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