1 Stylistic Analysis module 9 For this weeks response Im going to set you a bit of a challenge.

Stylistic Analysis module 9
For this weeks response, Im going to set you a bit of a challenge.
Please choose one work of art from this time period that you consider to be academic, and another that you consider to be avant-garde.
In your essay, which must be at least one and a half pages, explain WHY you think work A is academic and work B is avant-garde.
This will of course involve formal analysis of both works, but you may also consider things like iconography and genre.
Your two works of art must not be in this weeks powerpoint but can be present in other module materials.
Artwork Identification
For this weeks collaboration, please select an artwork for your independent research project.
Your independent research project (WHICH IS NOT DUE THIS WEEK) will be EITHER a research paper on the artwork OR an annotated bibliography on the artwork.
Your FINAL paper or annotated bibliography will be completed at the end of the term (IT IS NOT DUE THIS WEEK).
You may select ANY artwork for your project provided that it meets the following conditions:
1) It was created AFTER 1400 C.E. (A.D. in the old system).
In other words, your artwork must be NO MORE THAN 620 years old.
2) It is a work from WESTERN civilization.
This means that it was not created in East Asia or Africa.
Your artwork must have been created in the areas which we study in this course (Middle East, Europe and the Americas AFTER 1700).

For your reply to this conversation:
First, EMBED an image of your artwork in your response (DO NOT ATTACH IMAGES).
Label your artwork with title, date, artist if known, and current location (in other words, where is it now?).
Next, please explain in a few sentences WHY YOU SELECTED this work.
Any submissions which fail to meet any of the above requirements will earn zero points.
PLEASE DOUBLE-CHECK your submission to make sure you have satisfied the parameters of the project!
Preliminary Bibliography
For this response, please create a bibliography for your research project of at least three sources.
ALL of your bibliography sources must be obtained from the SF library.
Your bibliography must be in MLA format OR Chicago format.
Your response will consist of:
1) The title of your artwork
2) Your list of bibliographic sources (at least three)
3) Your statement of whether you will create a research paper or an annotated bibliography for your project.
For help in deciding which project you would like to complete:
If you choose the research paper:
Your final project will be a six-page double spaced paper that contains three body sections: formal analysis of your artwork, iconographic analysis of your artwork, and iconological analysis of your artwork.
Your paper will contain an original thesis – in other words, you will make your own unique claim about the work of art.
Your paper will be accompanied by a standard bibliography (list of sources) that contains at least five items.
If you choose the annotated bibliography:
Your final project will be a list of at least eight bibliographic sources related to your artwork followed by a 300 word explanation of each source.
For each source, you will provide a summary of the sources argument and also state whether or not you agree with the author and why or why not.
Annotate your Preliminary Bibliography
This week, I would like for you to ANNOTATE your preliminary bibliography from last weeks assignment.
For those of you who are doing the research paper, this annotated bibliography will be invaluable to you as you form your thesis and outline in the next phase of the project.
For those of you who are doing the annotated bibliography, this is practice for the final, extended version.
An annotated bibliography is like the standard bibliography you completed last week, with the addition of a brief description and analysis of each of your sources.
Your description needs to accomplish the following:
CLEARLY STATE THE AUTHORS Subject (what is she writing about?)
CLEARLY STATE THE AUTHORS Thesis/Argument (what claim is she making?)
Each annotated bibliography description must be at least 150 words.
(For those of you doing the annotated bibliography as your final project, your final entries will need to be 300 words each.
You can either revisit them later or attempt 300 words on this go-round.)
For your response this week, first read through this resource on annotated bibliographies
(Links to an external site.)carefully.
Note that it includes a helpful student example.

Then, read your bibliography sources.
As you read, take notes, highlight sections, and skim first to get an overview of the entire source.
Finally, construct your annotated bibliography and submit here.
Lecture Discussion
MODULE 12 For this week, lets have a discussion about Post-Impressionism.
Id like you to select ONE image from our powerpoint and post it here.
Then, find another image done by the same artist (this one will not be in the Powerpoint)
and post it next to the first image.
Please explain to your fellow students how you would know or guess the second image is by the same artist if you had no identification for it.
What do you think is modern or avant-garde about your two chosen works?
This weeks weekly response continues our independent research projects.
You will need to create a THESIS and OUTLINE for your research paper.
Please go through the embedded powerpoint below for instructions (note that several of the slides have audio!)
Thesis and outline info ARH F20.pptx
You may also want to add to your bibliography (see my links below) but that is not a necessity for this weeks response.
You will need to add and annotate two more sources to your bibliography.
As well, if you did not earn 50 points on last weeks response, you will need to make the corrections I noted in the comments before adding two more sources to your pre-existing annotated bibliography.
Your two new sources
may be books, e-books or articles, OR THEY MAY BE FROM WEBSITES that meet ONE of the following criteria:
ONLY – OFFICIAL ARTIST WEBSITE (i.e., administered by the artist herself and not a fan site)
WEBSITES with a .edu or .gov suffix
WEBSITES that are online art journals or peer-reviewed websites such as 19th Century Art Worldwide
(Links to an external site.), Hyperallergic
(Links to an external site.), Smarthistory,
(Links to an external site.)Artnet
(Links to an external site.)
Any website that does not meet the above criteria

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